A Company Built on Decades of Promise

BrainChild Bio was launched out of Seattle Children’s and founded on the work of Dr. Michael Jensen, a pioneer in the cancer immunotherapy field, and leverages over a decade of translational research, including FDA-authorized INDs covering four CNS CAR-T cell products. Our clinical pipeline will be accelerated by this foundational work, as we build a platform that integrates synthetic technologies to optimize the application of CAR-T cell therapies for CNS tumors.

Deploying CAR-T cell technology in the CNS requires deep expertise, creativity, and dedication to create safe and effective therapies for patients.

The three key pillars of BrainChild Bio’s platform are aimed at addressing the critical elements of therapeutic targeting of CNS tumors.

Multiplexed Targeting

Potency Enhancement

Remote Control

Our initial clinical focus is on diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), an incurable type of childhood cancer that forms in the brainstem—with plans to expand to other pediatric and adult brain tumors, including brain metastases.

Our Expansive Platform

Brainchild Bio Expansion Diagram Brainchild Bio Expansion Diagram


People are diagnosed per year with a primary brain tumor.

Brain tumors are the

Most Common Solid Cancer in Children.

And the leading cause of childhood cancer-related deaths.


People with cancer are diagnosed with brain metastases per year.